If you are looking to buy good fire starters for reselling at your own company any wholesale business will do, great ones though, can be purchased at Fire-Up. We are one of the most innovative and professional companies in the world with regards to great ecological fire starters, good charcoal, and excellent briquettes. In the past this Netherlands based company was known far and wide for its concepts on outdoor living and cooking. The last few years Fire-Up has gone back to its core business, producing the essential basics for barbecues and other recreational fire related products.

Good fire starters work, great fire starters contribute to a better environment

One of our core values is creating a more eco-friendly product. Fire-Up was for instance the first firelighter producer that banned the use of palm oil in the production process of its fire starters. During our years in the business we have constantly been looking for new ways to improve the sustainability, safety and organic synthesis of our products. This has led to a product which is CO2 neutral, is completely made from renewable recourses, is non-toxic and does not contain any chemical additives whatsoever. In our opinion this is what separates good from great fire starters.

Contact us for more information

Feel free to contact Fire-Up with any and all questions you might have about our products or our services. Our employees have a profound knowledge on the products that we currently have in stock, and can advise you on the products that best suit your needs. Fire-Up can be contacted by calling the following number: +31 (0)13 529 95 00.

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