Fire-Up International is the manufacturer and supplier of environmental friendly firestarters! Fire-Up International is an international company based in the Netherlands offering its products throughout whole Europe. We offer a wide assortment of fire related products for the fireplace, barbecue and stove. We are proud to say that are products are made of 100% renewable biological materials

Environmental friendly firestarters

The use of our products is increased in popularity in the market of firestarters products. The reason for this is due to the excellent quality, safety, ease of use and environmental friendliness. Our environmental friendly firestarters are made of timber and plant oils and wax. The environmental friendly firestarters are FSC® (SCS-COC-000652-IA) /PEFC® (SCS-PEFC-000652-AT) certified. By the use of natural sustainable materials our products are CO2 neutral so that no chemical reactions occur during the combustion process. Our firestarters are available in various sizes and packages can easily be supplemented with briquettes, charcoal and other fire related products from Fire-Up International.


You are more than welcome to contact us for further information regarding our environmental friendly firestarters. Our highly skilled team will answer your questions and inquiries. You can contact us via email to or telephone at the number +31 (0)13 529 95 00.

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