Fire-Up International B.V. produces ecological (brown) firelighters using environmental friendly components. All our firelighters consist of FSC®-woodfibers impregnated with biological oil. The wood fibers originate from pinewood, whereas our oil originates from a mix of vegetables.

Improved production proces:

productie foto 2

Fire-Up International continuously invests in its’ production proces. Since our new production plant has become reality, the production proces of our firelighters has experienced major updates that facilitate increased capacity. We have focussed on state of the art technology, which can guarantee our quality standards, while fostering improved production capabilities. Using these new technologies, Fire-Up is able to align its’ products with its’ customers’ demands even more. Furthermore, this new technology allows us to guarantee a certain quality standard for all of our firelighters.



In order to meet our customers’ demand to the fullest expectation, we have created four modern packaging lines with a wide range of packing possibilities. Among these possibilities are the packaging in: trays

  • boxes
  • paper bags
  • plastic bags
  • foil
  • etc.


State of the art

fabriek 1

We take proud in our modern production and packaging facility and believe that this tehnical advantage allows us to meet our customers’ expectations. Fire-Up International will continue to invest in new technologies and technical know-how in order to tackle current and future challenges. In doing so we will bare in mind the ecological footprint of our production site.