Troll 700 Barbecue / Stove / Smoking Set, for grilling, smoking and building a fire

For lifelong pleasure when used and maintained adequately. This quality cast-iron product will surpass all of its’ competitors in the same product range in terms of heat radiation and useful applicabilities. The Troll 700 set comes with a grill, cooking plate and extra large cooking pan. Optionally, one can choose to include the smoking set and wooden work tables that can be attached to the side. The Troll 700 is deliverd directly out of stock, to your home in The Netherlands (Additional fee for the Dutch islands). Please inform about delivery options when ordering from outside The Netherlands. Guarantee: 2 years on all cast-iron parts, provided non-damaged, used and maintained adequately.

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Download the users manual (PDF – Available in Dutch)


PLease find below a set of video demonstrations including the Troll 700 and other Fire-Up products:

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