Alongside our own Fire-Up brand, Fire-Up International B.V. offers customers the possibility to buy our products under their own private label. Meanwhile, we have established a large customer base, including a range of major and minor private label customers. Therefore, we allow ourselves to be called a private label specialist that can offer tailor made solutions to its’ customers.


In cooperation with the private label customer we develop the desired label and packaging. Usually, we adopt a standard procedure for this process. However, if necessary, any adaptations can be made.

In developing any label, Fire-Up International B.V. has to take into account European law and regulation. In our line of products, the European “EN 1860-3”  norm applies.

Additionally, the European norm can be extended with the German Industrial Norm (Deutsche Industrie Norm) or, DIN. Fire-Up International B.V. is DIN certified. In this case the certification din-gepruft-70x70would be called: DIN EN 1860-3 and will be noted on the label as such. Note: The private label customer itself is responsible to check whether any law or regulation different from the European / DIN standard applies.

It is quite possible that in the markets where the private label customer wishes to sell its products, deviations are perhaps made from the European legislation or even to a greater degree: additional legislation / regulation might be applicable.