Fire-Up International launches the new “PREMIUM” product line

Fire-Up International launches the new “PREMIUM” product line

Alongside the general Fire-Up assortment, Fire-Up has started a “Premium Line” only representing the best quality products available. These products distinguish themselves through dark green packaging and the “Premium” label. The new Fire-Up “Premium” product line includes two entirely new types of firelighters:

  • The Firestarter XL
  • The Superstarter XXL

The Premium XL – Firestarter is considerably larger than the standard Fire-Up firelighter. Moreover, the Firestarter distinguishes itself through a higher caloric value (burning temperature) and burning time of 11 to 13 minutes. Application: lighting materials that require more heat over a longer period of time, such as: coconut briquettes for barbecue and mineral coal for stoves and fire places.

The Premium XXL – Superstarter stands out because of:

  • The largest size in the Fire-Up firelighters assortment
  • An outstanding high caloric value (burning heat) and long burning time of 18 to 20 minutes.
fire-Up Aanmaakblokjes XL 
fire-Up Aanmaakblokjes Sticks XL

Application: this product is especially suitable for “hard to light” materials that require substantial fire power over a longer period of time. For example: hard types of wood in fire places or mineral coal in stoves. Despite perfect lighting characteristics, this product remains simple and safe to use. In line with Fire-Up’s ecological vision, both “Premium Line” products are produced using FSC certified wood, vegetable oil and of course NO palm oil.

We challenge you to try the “Premium Line” products and experience their benefits!

For additional information: please download our digital product-leaflets.

Fire-Up Leaflet Firestarter XL