Environment, sustainability and safety:

Fire-Up International supports the importance of environment, sustainability and safety. Where possible, will be chosen for environmentally sustainable products that are as safe as possible in production and in use. Obviously, sustainability and the quality of our products goes hand in hand. Moreover, Fire-Up International strives towards a reduction of its’ overall ecological footprint for its’ production site, offices and warehouses. For this reason, Fire-Up International acts on the following bullet points:

 • All wooden materials used are certified for more than 15 years, FSC® or PEFC®;

• In 2008, Fire-Up International decided, as the first producer of firelighters, to not use paraffin in its production of (brown) Fire-Up firelighters, but only vegetable oil; raw materials not originating from mineral oil;

• In 2009, Fire-Up International had research done that if possible, no GMO (Genetically modified organism) are used in its materials;

• Fire-Up International primarily uses water-based inks for its printing; • From 2010 Fire-Up International was already able to import FSC® charcoal, however, before even asked by the market. This is different now;

• In addition, Fire-Up International has introduced coconut briquettes in the Dutch and Belgian market. The coconut briquettes are made from the scales of the coconut, which was a waste product. These briquettes are characterized because of their high calorific value and long burning time;

• In 2011, Fire-Up International received the European REACH certificate for charcoal and charcoal briquettes. Fire-Up International is able with this certification to purchase charcoal and charcoal briquettes independently inside and outside Europe, for the European market. (For more information go to this website REACH). Not REACH certified companies are legally in violation if they do this and  buy from a non REACH certified company in Europe and beyond;

• In May 2014 Fire-Up International was the first firelighters producer which declared that no palm oil is processed in the Fire-Up firelighters;

• Fire-Up International has hardly any waste in its production and attempts to further constrain;

• Through good building- insulation and conscious choice of the production and internal logistics, Fire-Up International heats its production mainly with waste heat from the production;

• In 2012 Fire-Up International joined a group of Dutch and Belgian entrepreneurs, with the cooperation of the government, with focus on development and production of “bio-based” products;

• Easy-effective and environmentally sustainable practical matters.