Fire-Up: Bring Fire To Life

Fire-Up combines high quality with responsibility for people and the environment. With our firelighters made from FSC wood and enriched with 100% natural oils we are far ahead when it comes to quality and the environment. And that’s where we are proud of! Fire-Up makes a conscious choice, and you can fully enjoy your grill, stove or fireplace. Let us “Bring Fire To Life.”

100% natural

If we do something, we do it well. The Fire-Up firelighters contain 100% natural oils which do not contain palm oil, in contrast to the many firelighters from other suppliers. How do we show this? By means of a striking mailing where a sunflower pops up, out of our packaging. In the accompanying letter we explain the benefits why our brown firelighters are responsible choices, as opposed to the white and the brown firelighters with paraffin, which are both based on mineral oil.



Test it yourself!

The mailing will be followed by a special Fire-Up testkit. Where we like to enter the comparison with other brown firelighters, impregnated with natural oils. This test proves that the Fire-Up firelighters are better for people and the environment, quickly ignite flames, give higher flames with a higher calorific value and burn longer then the other compared vegetable oil firelighter.

Do you want to take the test?

Ask for the test kit here (Business to Business), or check out the video below.

Fire-Up, Bring Fire To Life