Fire-Up International B.V. recently invested in a brand-new production site, including an innovative production line and complementary packaging lines. It is here, where we produce and package our ecological, sustainable (brown) firelighters. For more than 30 years Fire-Up International B.V.’s team has worked together closely to serve the fire-related fast moving consumer goods market. Nowadays, our product range continues to exist out of sustainable firelighters, charcoal, briquettes and more.



Fire-Up International B.V. (FUI) presents itself as the specialist in the fire-related products for fire places, barbecues, stoves and other complementary products. Our wide range of products is characterized by sustainability, high quality, high safety and easy to use applications. FUI strives towards being a sustainable partner for all its’ customers and suppliers, where long-term relationships are core to success. For the whole of Europe and beyond, FUI markets itself as the producer and supplier of sustainable* and environmental friendly firelighters.

*A sustainable world requires humans, economy and the environment to be in perfect balance. Out of a long-term perspective, the planet must continue to provide support for our always growing ecological footprint. Non-sustainability reflects a situation where natural resources are depleted more rapidly than we can regenerate them (Source: Dutch Consumers Association).


By focusing on a sustainable way of entrepreneurship*, FUI distinguishes itself from conventional producers. This vision is reflected in our daily operations and products, while maintaining high levels of quality, innovation, comfort and safety.


*Sustainable entrepreneurship is characterized through a focus on economical profit, while respecting social relations and operating within the boundaries of environmental restrictions (Source: Wikipedia).

Firelighter production 

FUI has recently optimized and professionalized its’ firelighter production by investing in a new production site and machinery. The focus completely lies on the production of environmental friendly (brown) firelighters. Our main customers are located within the European market; additionally, our products are sold on a global scale.  For more details on the firelighter production process, please follow this link.  


In-Export products

FUI’s trade activities focus on the fire-related products for stove, fire place and barbecue. FUI offers a price-competitive and core range of high quality fire-related products for supermarkets, DIY stores, garden centers, restaurant wholesalers and other customers. Many of our products find their way to consumers in private label packaging, differing from the FUI company label.


As mentioned before, FUI focuses on a sustainable way of entrepreneurship. Find out more on FUI’s take on sustainability by following this link.  

Fire-Up International, now and in the future

Situated on a new production site, including state of the art production and packaging machinery, FUI is ready for today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges. We are confident to continue delivering an excellent product and service to our existing relations. Furthermore, we challenge new relations to contact us in order to find out how we can work together for mutual benefit.