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Specialist in the area of ecological firelighters, charcoal and briquettes

Fire-Up is a global firelighters manufacturer, based in the Netherlands. Our company was known in the past for its elaborate assortment in the area of ‘outdoor living & cooking’. Today, we focus on our core competencies in the area of fire related products for stoves, fire places and barbecues. Our company is especially known for its ‘green’ ecological mindset. As such, we offer high quality ecological products, such as FSC or PEFC charcoal and briquettes, or ecological firelighters. This makes us an ecological firelighters manufacturer, which complies with our desire to reduce our ecological footprint. As such, we work tirelessly to improve the quality while developing new methods for sustainable production.

Firelighter manufacturer with a sustainable entrepreneurship ethos

As an ecological firestarter manufacturer, Fire-Up International B.V. does more than just offer high quality ecological products: our commitment towards the environment is also reflected in our day to day business operations. Innovation for new ways of sustainable production and trade is key to our ethos as a firelighters manufacturer, as is our cooperation with long-term relationships. Naturally, this goes hand in hand with solid quality control to ensure our products arrive at our customers’ premises as promised. This way, we are able to develop mutual profitable business, now and in the future!


Fire-Up: the specialist among firelighters manufacturers

At Fire-Up, we consider ourselves a specialized firelighters manufacturer. This expertise is reflected in our products, which are known for their sustainability and user friendliness, and which are made with a high regard for safety and quality. The advantages of the firelighters, are clear:

  • Because we are one of the few firestarters manufacturers that do not use chemical additives, our firelighters can be stored with food without any risks.
  • They do not lose their firepower, even after opening.
  • There is no unpleasant oily smell because our firelighters are impregnated with vegetable oil.


All Fire-Up products are categorized in 3 areas:


Houtskool Briketten

Bbq assortment


Kachel & Haard

Stove&fire place assortment

Discover what we as a firestarter manufacturer can do for you

As a firestarter manufacturer, we offer a wide range of products that are the perfect way to light up barbecues, hearths, stoves and more. Our products are designed to satisfy the needs of the global fast moving consumer goods market, but are also available as private label products. Browse through the website to learn more about our products and how we operate.



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Troll 700 Barbecue / Stove / Smoking set.

For grilling, smoking and building a fire

For lifelong pleasure when used and maintained adequately.

This cast-iron product will surpass every other quality Barbecue & Patio / outdoor fireplace in terms of heat radiation and useful applicabilities. The Troll 700 comes with a grill, cooking plate and extra large cooking pan. Optionally, one can choose to include the smoking set and set of wooden work tables that can be attached to the side.

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Fire-Up has a lot of experience and endless possibilities for working with private labels.

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